Why Barcelona Nut Company?


Retail and Private Label Nut, Dried Fruit, Popcorn, and Candy Products

Barcelona’s line of retail and national brand equivalent products is produced to exacting standards to provide consistent quality. We are Silliker certified and submit to yearly third party sanitation audits.  We have a staff of full-time professional technicians and food specialists’ working day after day to ensure that all of our products always meet exacting specifications. Our trained staff regularly evaluates our products against the national brands to ensure that we match.

Barcelona is a privately-owned organization. All of our products are produced to order, and we operate on 7-14 day lead time. We take a custom approach to each and every product we create.  Each account is assigned a dedicated account manager and a customer service representative, who follows your order from creation, scheduling, production and shipping to your door.


•    Nut Factory – GMP Approved
•    Popcorn Factory – SQF – level 2
•    All Nut products – no cholesterol
•    Nuts are Heart Healthy using qualified health claim
•    Popcorn and Nuts are All natural
•    Most products are Gluten Free
•    Both factories are Star K Certified
•    Non-GMO Certified Popcorn

Barcelona Nut Company
Department of Agriculture
BNC #12553703528
Popcorn Alley Incorporated
PAI # 14725580748

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