Food Safety & Security

For almost 90 years, our customers have placed their trust in Barcelona Nut Company to present to them the most satisfying and safest products obtainable, and we are committed to protecting our consumers and the products we produce. Day after day we work to preserve that trust, ensuring our customers are always receiving the quality snack foods they have grown to love.

Our Food Safety method starts before the raw product even enters our facilities. We choose to buy from growers and manufacturers who believe food safety is as important as we do. Our carefully selected suppliers meet mandatory food and safety requirements in addition to quality assurance guidelines.

At Barcelona Nut Company, we continue to raise the bar for outstanding quality. A number of measures we take to ensure the safety of our products include:

·      All food surfaces are stainless steel and are cleaned and sterilized in accordance with daily procedures.

·      Cleaning and sanitation of the warehouse and equipment is done daily in accordance to the SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) that have been established for all facilities and grounds.

·      Our employees are supplied with the information and tools essential to complete their responsibilities in the most sanitary, safe methods through food safety training. Our company food safety policies and procedures necessitate mandatory compliance from all employees.

·      Food Defense and Security programs have been created for the facilities and grounds and include security cameras and controlled facility access.

·      A thoroughly developed and verified recall procedure, including mock recalls.

·      Supervised pest control programs are consistently utilized and continuously evaluated and enhanced.

·      Both factories are certified kosher, and the great majority of our products are kosher.

·      Microbiological tests with supplementary Certificate of Analysis (COA) are required for incoming product packaged by Barcelona Nut Company.

·      An HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) approach has been established for all products entering and leaving our facilities.

Third party food safety inspections:

·      SQF (Safe Quality Food) level 2 certified at our Stonehedge Farm facility. SQF certification assures buyers and customers that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards.

·      GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified at our Barcelona Nut facilities. This certification assures the quality, and safety of our products. 

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