Our History

Like most Baltimore born companies, Barcelona Nut Company is steeped in history. As the manufacturing jobs among the ports dwindled in the early 1920’s, service jobs began to thrive. In 1924, a savvy immigrant from Barcelona took advantage of this, wheeling only a cart of roasted nuts and an American dream down Baltimore’s cobblestone streets for the first time. Amazingly, his one-man operation grew into the nationwide brand we know today with the help of a vision and perseverance. It’s been nearly a century now, and we are still creating the finest snacks, and the fondest memories. With that history lesson, here’s the nutty truth; we’re just getting started…

1924  -- Barcelona was born

1958 -- CEO Phil Rosen adds delivery trucks

1970 -- CEO Karl Kessler

1986 -- CEO Jason Becker: Acquired downtown Baltimore plant still in use today

1998 -- Acquires 55,000 square foot distribution center & Chef's Taste Distributing

2000 -- CEO Anthony Tsonis: Starts cotton candy manufacturing

2005 -- Acquires Stonehedge Farms

2011 -- Begins Honey Coating Manufacturing

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